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    Old driver with new kernels in Fedora 17


      Reading through these discussion groups I see people using the 12.11 Catalyst driver. I got up to 12.10 in Fedora 17 using the packages from rpmfusion, but with the last 2 kernels I've been unable to get the catalyst kernel module. The last one available was for the Linux kernel 3.6.7-4. We are now up to 3.6.9-2 and the only kernel module I can get is the catalyst-legacy kernel module, which uses the 12.6 driver although the Catalyst Control Center tool reports that I have the 12.2 driver. My video card is a ATI Radeon HD 5450, so I'd think I should be able to use the newest driver.


      Perhaps I should move away from rpmfusion and compile the driver package from AMD directly. The last time I did this I had to hack the kernel include files and the amount of hacking I had to do got worse with each new kernel. I wonder if that's what has happened here and the rpmfusion maintainers just got frustrated with it. Has anyone tried compiling the latest Catalyst drivers on the Fedora 17 x86_64 kernel version 3.6.9-2?

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          I took the chance and installed the 12.10 driver using the AMD installer. The installer was fantastic - not at all what my past experiences with it would suggest! The hardest part was fully un-installing the old driver. Now all my games run a little bit faster, except SS3. It just crashes with an X error - not sure if it's a driver problem, a steam problem, or a game problem. However, I''m thinking it's a game problem as my other games run fine.


          Since the install was so easy I can't understand why rpmfusion aren't supplying an rpm, unless it's sour grapes about the HD4xxx series not being supported...