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Support for newer Intel drivers?

Question asked by danharibo on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by sungin

The currently fglrx version only works with xf86-video-intel version 2.20.2-2, which is incompatible with the current Xorg server 1.13 and requires that I use Xorg 1.12 instead. I'd rather not downgrade as that is rather messy for a rolling release distribution, and the Sandy Bridge is more than quick enough for my day-to-day computing.


What I would like to know is will there be a new release soon that supports a newer version of xf86-video-intel (which is currently at 2.20.15)? or will the next stable release be closer to the next release of a stable distro like Ubuntu?


It would of course be nice to see it sooner rather than later, but I'll take a stable driver over an early one.