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performance counter, kernel occupancy inconsistent with Southern Island (Linux)

Question asked by cguenther on Dec 16, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by chesik

dear amd dev team,


i am using ubuntu 10.04 x64, amd APP SDK 2.8 and the AMD Catalyst Driver 12.10.


Now i tried to profile my OpenCL kernel with the CodeXL 1.0 and i get some discrepancies of the measured values. See the attached figures:


You can see that the VGPR and SGPR usage of the kernel occupancy tab is not consistent to the values of the performance counter tab. So which ones i should trust?


Also i got  VALUUtilization, CacheHit and MemUnitStalled values, which are far away from the 100% border. Are they per mille instead of per cent, or why they are greater than 100%?