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FirePro M7740 Steam/Team Fortress 2 Compatibility

Question asked by imrazor on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by lord_avallon

Like many other legacy hardware users, I am receiving this error when attempting to run Team Fortress 2 with Steam under Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit:



I am working on a Dell Precision 6400 laptop, with an AMD FirePro M7740 with Ubuntu 12.04 installed. The drivers used are not the 12.06 drivers, but the ones shipped with Ubuntu 12.04 (see below for version number.) Like the other users who have received an OpenGL error from TF2, my GPU is based on legacy hardware (equivalent to a Mobility Radeon 4860.) Luckily, my adapter still has current Windows drivers, but FirePro M7740 drivers for Linux do not seem to be available for download from AMD's website. I did find a hack (unfortunately I no longer have it) that let me install the standard 12.06 legacy drivers, but then ended up with a "Unsupported Hardware" watermark in the lower left hand corner of my screen - very annoying.



Please provide drivers for Linux for this adapter, or simply extend an updated legacy driver to include my GPU.