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OpenCL-OpenGL Interop on Ubuntu 12.10 broken?

Question asked by bkloppenborg on Dec 8, 2012
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I just finished installing Ubuntu 12.10 and managed to get OpenGL and OpenCL working on my Radeon HD 7600m + Intel HD 3000 hybrid graphics laptop running the latest Catalyst 12.11 beta drivers.  Note: There are known issues with ATI drivers on Ubuntu 12.10 (see 


Applications that exclusively use OpenGL work (i.e. glxgears runs at 1500+ fps) and those that exclusively use OpenCL work (i.e. FFT in the AMD APP SDK package); however, any application I attempt to launch that uses OpenCL + OpenGL interoperability fails to launch with the following error:


X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)


On Ubuntu 12.04 with the package manager drivers everything worked (including OpenCL + OpenGL interop).  To get a little more debugging information on this problem, I ran the SimpleGL example which produced the output in the attached text file.  It appears my Radeon HD 7600m doesn't provide something that is required for the context selection process.  CodeXL identifies that the card does support the "cl_khr_gl_sharing" extension


Does anyone have an idea how I could proceed debugging this or recognize what is failing?


Thanks in advance,