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compile APP SDK 2.8 samples

Question asked by Meteorhead on Dec 7, 2012
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First of all, big congrats to the new SDK, there is a lot of goodness in the we can't wait to hack down to it's core. There are few things I wanted to ask and clarify, and I think others might find answers useful too.


1) How can I compile C++AMP samples? All builds fail because ot failing to generate debug information for the parallel_for_each call. I have fiddled around with C++AMP before, and I know it's the question of the Debugger that is active (which has to be "GPU Only") but even that fails to build the samples. If I turn of "Generate Debug Symbols", it still fails. It's as if VS2012 wants to generate Debug info for everything, even when explicitly asking for no debug info.


1.5) I know that this is not the forum to discuss C++AMP, but there is no such room on devgurus. Might be time to open one.


2) The new cl.hpp is excellent work, took a look at the new sample program using it and it really eases OpenCL programming a lot. When I looked inside the header I was like O_O (, a brief moment of shock and silence... and the facepalm). I saw that the need for those few thousand lines is because of VS not conforming with variadic templates properly, but could we get an updated version once the v120 platform is released as an official VS update? Right now I'm using the Community Tech Preview version of it (v120 CTP November) and it seems to work perfectly, although I have not yet tried to give more than 10 variadic templates to anything. Do things really break from then on even in the v120CTP platform toolset?


2.5) The headers on the khronos web page still point to the aging 1.1 cl.hpp. Can we expect an update there too? Or are you too waiting for proper variadic support on Windows to push this update through to khronos?


3) Later on an infinitaley simple sample might prove useful to the community showing how to save and load the new common SPIR intermediates.


4) Simply can't wait for CodeXL to come as a VS2012 addin!


5) Once again, great job to all the devs!