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    How many LUT (Lookup Tables) has a Radeon HD 6970?


      Hi there,

      I parsed all the specifications on the AMD website but I couldn't find how many Lookup Tables (LUT) are included within the AMD Radeon HD 6970.

      Can anyone help me with this?

      I need those because I'm using Eyefinity on 3 monitors and I can calibrate all 3 monitors to share EXACTLY the same colors+contract+brightness but those colors profiles have to be stored within the LUT. 1 LUT can hold only one color profile so I should have 3 LUTs to be able to get 3 monitors to "wear" each of them a different calibration profile in order to obtain same colors.

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        • How many LUT (Lookup Tables) has a Radeon HD 6970?

          This is an excerpt from AMD Tech Support answer to the above question for reference (someone might be asking the same question in the future): Response and Service Request History:


          AMD does not have any card with 3 LUTs and is not planning to build one in the near future.

          Radeon --> 1 LUT profile

          FIREPRO --> 2 LUT profiles


          The LUT basically stores a profile for the monitor, which will reflect colour or brightness changes. You can set multiple profiles (through the Presets option in the CCC) but since there is only 1 LUT, this profile will be applied to all 3 monitors. To have separate profiles for separate monitors, you will either need multiple cards (1 LUT per Radeon, 2 per FirePro), or to manipulate the colour settings on the monitor itself through the monitor menu options. Due to 1 LUT, any profiles that are made are applied to all 3 monitors, it physically can't do multiple profiles for multiple monitors at the same time.


          In our opinion, since you wish to use the Eyefinity technology, it would be more interesting to use the 3 same monitors (only 1 LUT necessary) as it is recommend for an Eyefinity setup to match both screen size and performances.


          AMD Global Customer Care