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    Error Installing CodeXL 1.0.2409


      I just tried to install CodeXL 1.0.2409 with admin privileges on my Windows 7 64-bit machine with Catalyst 12.10 and APP SDK 2.8, but I get the following error:

      There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  A program required for the install to complete could not be run.  Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

      I can't find any log file to determine which program could not be run.  Any ideas?

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          Hi Settle,

          A few questions:

          Do you have CodeAnalyst installed on this station?

          Was the installation completed after the error message appeared?

          Reboot your machine. Does CodeXL 1.0 run properly now?

          Could you run the installer with the command line arguments  "/L*V logname.txt" and upload the log file so we can look into it?




          Doron Ofek

          Advanced Micro Devices

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              Hi Ofek,


              Thanks for your very quick reply!  Yes, I do have CodeAnalyst installed already.  The error prompt occurs when the status bar is around 80 to 90% completed.  I checked the installation path and there's no CodeXL folder, so I assume it cleaned itself up after the error.  I generated a log file as you showed.  It's quite long, what's the best way to upload it?

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                  There is a known issue with CodeXL installation on a system with CodeAnalyst already installed.

                  This issue is mostly occurred during un-install of CodeXL on a system with CodeAnalyst already installed.


                  From you post, it looks like you are seeing this while installation.

                  Hope you are installing CodeXL with "Administrator" privilege.

                  Also, I'm assuming that you are using CodeAnalyst 3.8 version.


                  There is a work-around for the issue that you are facing. Can you please try the following:

                  1. Un-Install CodeAnalyst 3.8

                  2. Install CodeXL 1.0

                  3. Install CodeAnalyst.

                  Now, both CodeAnalyst and CodeXL should work fine.


                  Let me know if you are still facing the problem.



                  Kalyan P