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    Broken Start Menu Links in AMD APP SDK v2


      Excited about the new AMD APP SDK v2.  Just wanted to report that there are some broken Start Menu links in Windows for the new install of AMD APP SDK v2 (specifically if the .url extension is not registered with a default program as it is in my case).  I had to figure out which program should be the default for .url files and now it is opening to websites using my browser.





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          In addition to what you observed, I have a problem with the link to AMD APP SDK Samples because my day-to-day account does not have admin privileges.  When I installed the SDK I was prompted for and gave the admin password, which then installed all the samples in the admin's user directory.  So my normal account can't access the admin's user directory.  It would be nice if it installed the SDK Samples some place common that is read-only for non-admins.

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