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APP SDK v2.8 in Windows 8 Pro x64 does not work. Why?

Question asked by felipe.aburaya on Nov 29, 2012
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Hi everyone,


This is my system:

AMD Phenom II X4 955


Chipset = AMD 785G / SB710

Video Card 1 (PCI Express) = Radeon HD 5670 (Catalyst 12.10)

Video Card 2 (onboard) = Radeon HD 4250 (Catalyst 12.6 Legacy for Win8) -> I made a trick here to use a different driver for each video card


Windows 8 Pro 64 bits (updated in Nov 29th)

Visual Studio 2012 Premium with Update 1



I also have:

AMD CodeAnalyst 3.8

AMD gDEBugger 6.2 (but it does not work in VS2012)



Currently, the applications in my system that use OpenCL are crashing/failing.

The AMD APP SDK sample applications crash as soon as they start execution.


I also have a C++ project making use of the AMD implementation for OpenCL 1.2, but it gives an error when I first invoke an OpenCL procedure.

To be more specific, the application manages to load the opencl.dll successfully, and clGetPlatform is correctly loaded (using late binding), but the execution clGetPlatform fails. It does not return a status code for an error (that should be anything but CL_SUCCESS), it just crashes.


I did not have these problems in Windows 7 x64 Professional with SP1 + VS2010 Ultimate with SP1.




I carried out some further investigation and I found that the AMD APP SDK DLL's are placed in 2 directories.


1st: Windows Installation directory (Windows\system32 and Windows\sysWoW64)

2st: AMD APP SDK installation directory (bin\x86 and bin\x86-64)


When I use the first, the sample applications crash, but they succeed when I use the second source.




I also found that the version of the OpenCL implementation in the Windows installation directories are more recent.

Can I get rid of one of them? Which one should I use? How? Why do I have 2 versions to begin with?


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