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Z-Buffer Fighting (Texture Flickering) in Direct 3D Games

Question asked by troff_hudson on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2013 by machuidel

Hi folks, This is my first post in this forum, I'm not a developer (not yet anyway ) just a computer science major.

Anyway, my PC is struggling with Z-buffer fighting in many of the video games that I play. From wiki: "Z-fighting is a phenomenon in 3D rendering that occurs when two or more primitives have similar values in the z-buffer." The resulting effect is a very annoying flicker caused by the two polygons "fighting" to be displayed


I've found lots of good videos from youtube to demonstrate the problem:


Fallout New Vegas:





Battlefield 3:


I've also seen Z-buffer fighting in:

-The walking dead (the video game)

-Star Wars The old Republic

-Burnout Paradise City

-Crysis 2


In fact there's even an entire web page built for people struggling with this:


Here's my current specs:

CPU: Phenom II X4 960T

Mobo: A770E3

RAM: 2X 4GB Corsair Vengence @ 1333

OS: Win 7 pro 64 bit




Here's what I've tried:

1. Switching GPU to HD 4870 and finally an Nvidia Quadro 4000D <-- Workstation GPU (same exact effect)

2. Switching GPU into completely different computer

3. Reformatting/reinstalling windows

4. Upgrading Power Supply + Computer Monitor

5. Applying Game updates

6. Applying GPU driver updates

7. Applying Mobo bios updates

8. Applying Mobo chipset updates

9. Contacting Game manufacture

10.Contacting GPU vendor

11.Contacting AMD support

12.Contacting Nvidia support

13.Sending GPU for warranty replacement with Visiontek

14.Extensive Forum research


Please escalate this post, I really need an expert. As I said, many tech savvy people have thrown up their hands at this one. It'll take a hardware genius to fix this one.


$$$$You want to know the real truth?... I'd never buy an Nvidia card if it meant not having the flicker (and I know many who would feel that way too)... But as it stands, both AMD and Nvidia struggle with this$$$$


Please help.