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    CodeXL 1.0 beta : not able to debug


      CodeXL 1.0 beta returns always the error : "Could not debug kernel. This kernel uses unsuported features".


      My kernel code is now : __kernel void TestKernel() {} !  It runs en CPU


      My PC is DELL Precision M6500

      OS W7 64bits

      GPU : ATI Fire Pro M7820  driver : 8.982.8.3000  3/10/2012

      Catalyst 12.8

      AMD APP SDK 2.7

      CodeXL : AMDCodeXL-0.94.2123-x64


      I use VS2010 or CodeXL standalone.


      An exception is raised in queue.finish().

      I have same error with AMD SAMPLE from SDK (HelloCL). But profiling mode is working OK !