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CodeXL refusing to start/respond after CCC update

Question asked by qix on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2012 by qix

I'm trying to use CodeXL to debug an OpenGL program of mine through the VS2010 plugin. I was getting OpenCL driver not found errors and couldn't find the OpenCL debug engine setting to disable it like CodeXL suggested, so I decided to try to update Catalyst to see if it fixed the problem.


It made it worse. After throwing a few warnings in Visual studio the first time I booted it up after reinstalling CodeXL, it refuses to do anything now.

Running the standalone does nothing - nothing shows up, no process is started, nothing. In visual studio, the plugin is there (the toolbars/menu are there), but none of the menu buttons do anything. When I click the "start debugging" button from the CodeXL menu, it tells me OpenCL will be disabled since I don't have an AMD GPU installed (which I have a Radeon, so I don't know what it's talking about). Then, it says the project type isn't supported and that I need to use C/C++ projects if the problem persists (which I am - the entire project is C++). Then, nothing.


Not even the help menu items work.


What's going on here?