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Major OpenGL bug in Catalyst 12.10 & 12.11 Beta with Switchable Graphics

Question asked by ljbade on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2012 by gsellers

I have found a serious bug when using OpenGL with Catalyst 12.10 and all 12.11 Beta versions with a laptop that has "Radeon Dual Graphics" (ie APU + GPU) and "Switchable Graphics".


Basically if you program runs in High Performance mode then you get some sort of strange moire pattern on the framebuffer, likely some CrossFire artefact. If you set it to Power Saving the problem disappears.


It affects not only my program I am developing but also other OpenGL programs such as GPU Caps Viewer.


For more info see my post on the OpenGL forum:




For some reason it does not affect some games such as Rage or Doom 3 BFG, which may be to do with some sort of AMD customised CrossFire profile for these games.


This bug is still in 12.11 Beta8 (OpenGL build 11991) which was released today, so I hope it gets fixed before the WHQL version comes out.