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Using a single CPU core without pinning the process to a specific core

Question asked by SiegeLord on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by SiegeLord

I am running my OpenCL program on a cluster. The cluster software prefers jobs to use a single CPU core so it can utilize the nodes effectively. I tried using device fission to restrict my code to run on a single core, but I was dismayed to discover that when multiple instances of my program were run they used the same single CPU core, which is obviously sub-optimal. Is there any way to restrict an OpenCL process to a single core but still allow the process to automatically migrate to other cores (I assume this is handled by the kernel). Here is my current code (approximately):

cl_device_partition_property[3] props = [CL_DEVICE_PARTITION_EQUALLY, compute_units, 0];
cl_uint num_sub_devices;

err = clCreateSubDevices(Device, props.ptr, 0, null, &num_sub_devices);
assert(err == 0, "Failed to create sub-devices:" ~ GetCLErrorString(err));
if(sub_device_idx >= num_sub_devices)
     throw new Exception("Invalid sub-device index " ~ Format("{}", sub_device_idx).idup ~ ".");

scope sub_devices = new cl_device_id[](num_sub_devices);

err = clCreateSubDevices(Device, props.ptr, num_sub_devices, sub_devices.ptr, null);
assert(err == 0, "Failed to create sub-devices:" ~ GetCLErrorString(err));

Device = sub_devices[sub_device_idx];

Note that I always use the same sub_device_idx (which is obviously where this issue comes from). It is not possible for me to vary this, because I do not control which nodes the cluster software juggles places my programs on.