Why not focus solely on APUs and the mobile market?

Discussion created by streetguru on Nov 14, 2012
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Heard ya'll were having some issues and I thought I'd throw in some ideas you guys have already thought abou


Speaking to AMD as a whole here...


Why not shift your focus purely to APUs(and GPUs), and work on making the top APUs on the market for both the desktop system and the mobile market. I feel it would be a step in the right direction as your APUs seem fairly good now with trinity, and with further improvement and refinement its highly possible that you can snag up the "budget" PC especially in this economy, something that can play games at decent FPS as well as run any software task given to it at great speeds. And while this is being worked on also focus on getting the upper hand in the laptop and mobile market. With better APUs laptops can be made thinner and with less power giving them longer battery life and the like that comes with using a hybrid chip. Tablets and the like can also be greatly improved by having both tasks accomplished by the same chip.


This way you also are not directly competing with intel, and you would surely find your niche in the market.