Cat 12.10 OpenCL compilation Bug

Discussion created by Claggy on Nov 9, 2012
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I have an OpenCL compilation Bug to report with Cat 12.10 drivers and Raistmer's Windows MBv7 Setiathome apps,

with Cat 12.8 on initial start of the app, the compilations the app produces work O.K, and those compilations work O.K when using Cat 12.10,

when the app does those compilations afresh under Cat 12.10 (it normally uses it's earlier produced compilations), it then produces an weakily similar result.


Host is an i7-2600K on Windows 7 x64 SP1, with a Nvidia GTX460 and a HD7770, Drivers are 310.33 for the GTX460, and Cat 12.10 for the HD7770,

Driver installion order is Nvidia first, ATI/AMD drivers second so the ATI/AMD variant of OpenCL.dll is installed last.