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Bitdefender 2013 – Installation is Very Easy With a Small Set-Up!

Question asked by markusfred007 on Oct 31, 2012

If you prefer your security should be the utmost standard in the internet, then Bitdefender 2013 is always a good option for you. It comprises of all the main functionality you would anticipate from a suite. Installation of this antivirus is very straight forward, so you don’t have to face too much difficulty while installing it. With a small and single set up you can install this software in your system without any hassle. Most importantly, the software uses Autopilot technology, so the program can resolve nearly every security problem on its own. In this regard, there is absolutely no annoyance of pop-ups, alerts and even not any configuration option to set.

The best thing is that Bitdefender 2013 provides so many antivirus options. Most importantly it’s autoscan mode check out your system regarding threats whenever it is idle; files and folders are scanned for malware when you access them. Its rescue mode offers a bootable atmosphere which could sterilize a system. Its scanning speed is very fast and always improving. If you require more performance accomplishments, then there’re several configuration options which might assist you. Detecting malware is fine, but ignoring infection in the 1st place is better and Bitdefender 2013 provides several components that assist you do just that.


The simplest options of it to just aware you regarding the dangerous links. In fact, search advisor adjoins warning icon to your Bing, Google and Yahoo. Its Safego feature does an excellent job by filtering your Facebook and Twitter. Its anti-phishing module also adds strong and real time protection to Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Yahoo and Opera. This program was tested with malicious URLs from different sources and its lowest recognition rate was seventy percent, which is very fine in this field.


The latest feature in Bitdefender 2013 is Safe pay, a secure and isolated browser which will detect while you visit any banking or online shopping website, and pop-up to carry on the session, so make sure your credit card detail, account info and other sensitive data cannot be easily interrupted by anything else which may be running over your computer. It also prevent a few commercial keyloggers from seeing anything what you are doing online.

There are also so many advantages that you can get by using Bitdefender 2013 on your system. Now it is getting massive popularity all over the world due to its strong defense against any kind of virus and advanced technology used as well.

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