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    gDEBugger 6.2 "Non-supported project type..." error


      gDEBugger 6.2 will not start on a working Visual Studio 2010 project.  The startup project is C#, and it calls a native C++ project that uses OpenGL.


      From the menu item “Start OpenCL and OpenGL Debugging”, I get the following Error:


      “Non-supported project type or no executable specified.

      When debugging .NET projects, select the “External Program” option for debugging.

      Use C / C++ projects if this problem persists.”


      and the program does not start from gDEBugger.


      (Also the “gDEBugger Project Settings…” menu selection is grey-ed out.)


      I have had no luck tracking down the error message.  Any help is most appreciated. 

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          In Visual Studio 2010, click on “Properties” on the C# startup project, and under the “Debug” tab, go to the “Start Action”section, and select “Start external program” to use the startup executable by specifying the path to the startup .exe in the path box. 

          Now, when clicking on gDEBugger “Start OpenCL and OpenGL Debugging” (Shift+Alt+F5), the project starts executing for debugging as it should.

          (Not sure why gDEBugger can’t find the startup .exe as the Visual Studio debugger does.  It seems to have something to do with using a C# startup project.)