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Question asked by jzuber on Oct 23, 2012
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   I have been searching for a document which shows me how to interpret the ISA output of the profiler, but have found nothing.  I want to understand what is happening in the HW so that I can better optimize my code.


Here is a small cut of the ISA code I am looking at.

      0  x: MOV         R5.x,  R0.y      
         w: SETGT_UINT  R0.w,  512,  R0.y      
         t: MULLO_INT   ____,  R1.x,  KC0[1].x      
      1  z: ADD_INT     ____,  R0.x,  PS0      
      2  y: ADD_INT     R4.y,  PV1.z,  KC0[6].x      
      3  x: PREDNE_INT  ____,  R0.w,  0.0f      UPDATE_EXEC_MASK UPDATE_PRED 
01 JUMP  ADDR(101) 
02 ALU: ADDR(135) CNT(9) KCACHE0(CB1:0-15) 
      4  x: MOV         R4.x,  (0x7F7FFFFF, 3.402823466e38f).x      
         t: MULLO_INT   ____,  R4.y,  52      
      5  x: MOV         R6.x,  0.0f      
         w: ADD_INT     ____,  KC0[0].x,  PS4      
      6  z: ADD_INT     ____,  PV5.w,  16      
      7  y: LSHR        R1.y,  PV6.z,  2      
03 TEX: ADDR(784) CNT(1) 
      8  VFETCH R7.x___, R1.y, fc153  MEGA(4) 
04 LOOP_DX10 i0 FAIL_JUMP_ADDR(101) 
    05 ALU: ADDR(144) CNT(8) KCACHE0(CB1:0-15) 
          9  x: LSHL        ____,  R5.x,  4      
             w: BFE_INT     R1.w,  R5.x,  0.0f,  0x0000001C      
         10  y: ADD_INT     ____,  KC0[3].x,  PV9.x      
             z: ADD_INT     ____,  KC0[4].x,  PV9.x      
         11  x: LSHR        R1.x,  PV10.z,  4      
             w: LSHR        R2.w,  PV10.y,  4   


If anyone can provide me a link to documentation which tells me what the outer 00, 01 etc.., the inner numbers, the x,y,z etc. mean I'd appreciate it.