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Can I run two different sync signals through one FirePro S400?

Question asked by rodh on Oct 23, 2012



as a follow-up to this question I asked a while ago:, I am currently attempting to delay a secondary display by 1/4 of a frame with respect to my primary display (each display is connected to a seperate V7900 card).


To do so, I have done the following through the catalyst control panel, in linux.

  1. Set the primary display as the timing server.
  2. Set RJ45(1) to output a sync signal from timing server.
  3. Pass the signal to a seperate microcontroller.
  4. Generate a new (delayed) sync signal.
  5. Pass the delayed sync into RJ45(2) - detected correctly.
  6. Set the secondary display to synchronise to RJ45(2).


According to the catalyst control panel, this process has been effected correctly. However, upon measurement of the output of the projectors, using a photodiode, I notice that this process sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't (they are both perfectly in sync with the timing server). I find myself having to try syncing the second display over and over again until it suddenly works.


Is this not a supported configuration mode for the FirePro S400? Would I have better luck if I generated 2 sync signals externally, and set each card to sync to a seperate RJ45 port, without use of a timing server?


Many thanks.