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CodeXL / Cat 12.10 windows gpu profiling freezes program

Question asked by yurtesen on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by dorono



I have been trying to profile the Einstein@home app on windows (just for experimentation). I downloaded a pre-compiled binary and set it up in Boinc client etc. Anyway, I am able to run it through boinc nicely, I can see that it is using the GPU. The boinc client calls the e@h's app with command line arguments. I checked it using process explorer and setup a project in CodeXL based on that. Everything is good until here. When I manually start the app, it prints on line of text saying 'thanks for contributing to e@h....'


When I start profiling CPU performance using CodeXL, a command prompt window appears and I see the text. But when I switch to profiling the GPU counters/trace then the command prompt window appears but there is no text. Task manager shows that the APP uses 100% CPU, but it apparently is not going forward.


I tried the same on Linux (with own compiled binary) and CodeXL is nicely profiling the GPU parts of the program.


I wonder what CodeXL might be doing that the app is freezing? (I am using 12.10 drivers. I tried to profile sample nbody simulation and it appears to be working )