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    CodeXL / Cat 12.10 windows gpu profiling freezes program




      I have been trying to profile the Einstein@home app on windows (just for experimentation). I downloaded a pre-compiled binary and set it up in Boinc client etc. Anyway, I am able to run it through boinc nicely, I can see that it is using the GPU. The boinc client calls the e@h's app with command line arguments. I checked it using process explorer and setup a project in CodeXL based on that. Everything is good until here. When I manually start the app, it prints on line of text saying 'thanks for contributing to e@h....'


      When I start profiling CPU performance using CodeXL, a command prompt window appears and I see the text. But when I switch to profiling the GPU counters/trace then the command prompt window appears but there is no text. Task manager shows that the APP uses 100% CPU, but it apparently is not going forward.


      I tried the same on Linux (with own compiled binary) and CodeXL is nicely profiling the GPU parts of the program.


      I wonder what CodeXL might be doing that the app is freezing? (I am using 12.10 drivers. I tried to profile sample nbody simulation and it appears to be working )




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          Hi Evren,


          Try upgrading to CodeXL 1.0 and the latest Catalyst driver. This should overcome compatibility problems that CodeXL beta versions had with Catalyst version 12.9 and later.


          Doron Ofek

          Advanced Micro Devices

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