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Regarding OpenVideo samples

Question asked by rekhakp4 on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by binying

HI all


I am a newbie and trying to learn Video Encoding and Decoding on AMD platform

I have download the sample and trying to understand what exactly does the sample do


Based on that I have few questions

1)      What is the purpose of used for and what does it contain

2)      The folders OVDecodeDataH264 and OVDecodeeDataMPEG contain files “bitstream-XXX.bit”, “datacontrol-xxx.bit, “, “picturepar1-xxx.bit”

“Picturepar2-xxx.bit” and there are 999 files for each type,  what are the purpose of these fiels and why there are  999 numbers of files.

In which scenario is this files used in sample during a decoding operation


If you can point to some link or some KB on decoding will helpful