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    Attempting to Get 100fps for Cs 1.6


      I have a AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics card and I've installed the newest driver to my computer off the amd website. Im unsure why I can't seem to maintain 100fps when I use to have a much simpler computer and could maintain 100 no problem. If someone could give me some insight into the problem and attempt to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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          are you running the game in direct x mode? if you are using open gl then try switching to direct x and see what happens. if you're already in direct x then switch to open gl and see what happens.

          could you tell me what the specs of your previous computer were where you had 100fps

          lastly i'm sure you must have disabled vsync. if you are capped at 60 then in ccc you should be able to force disable vsync.