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Support of big kernels

Question asked by spectral on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2012 by cguenther

Dear AMD SDK Team,


I'm currently working on a OpenCL kernel that contains a lot of code, some parts of this kernels are dynamically generated and the minimum size of the kernel is 8000 lines.


Since a long time, I can't compile and run my kernels with AMD SDK, both CPU and GPU can't be used.


I have try to divide my kernel in several smaller ones but it is impossible ! Why ? I support a 'shading language' in my application, it mean that a lot of features are natively available in this language (Something like GLSL). So, I provide all theses features for this language. Also I have to include the shaders that the users create and they can be very big in some cases, also I have no limitation on the numbers of available shaders.


Anyway, even with a small set of shaders it seems I have too much code for the AMD SDK... I would like to have my software compatible with the AMD/ATI hardware but currently I can't. (Notice that with NVidia and Intel SDK I have no problem).


So, do you have any plan to support big kernels ?