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    Linux & Eyefinity 6, driving 6 LCD 1080p displays


      We have a display wall of 6  55" LG 55LM9600   1080p displays in a 2 columns by 3 rows configuration and are currently driving it with 3x NVidia GTX-580 graphics cards.

      I am considering buying an ATI Eyefinity 6 card (7870? What is the latest?  Best?) to drive all 6 displays, but the documentation here:


      does not seem to indicate support for 2 colums x 3 rows (3840x3240), but does show 2 rows x 3 columns (5760x2160).

      Hardware:  SuperMicro X9DRi-LN4F+ MB,  384GB DDR3 RAM, 256 GB SSD (OS), 5x 3TB SATA in RAID-5 /data0,  3x NVidia GTX-580 (swap for 1 ATI 7870 Eyefinity 6??),  6x LG 55LM9600 3D

      SW:  CentOS 5.8 (RedHat derivative),  OpenGL & GLUT


      Will this work?  2 cols x 3 rows?  Hardware accelerated?

      Does the ATI card support bezel clipping/removal under Linux?

      What are the ATI tools like under Linux?

      Will the 2 cols x 3 rows work as a seamless hardware-accelerated X/OpenGL display (single OpenGL context)?

      How buggy are the drivers?

      How do I get rid of the annoying Gnome window management that defeats glutFullscreen() (and fullscreen in general)?  Ie, I want to have a borderless fullscreen window with no window manager decoration and be able to paint ALL of the pixels.

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          I have a similar configuration working (mostly) with a consumer Radeon - five 1920x1200 displays in three rows and two columns using the AMD binary driver ("FGLRX") on Ubuntu 12.04. 


          The driver is generally less robust than the Windows version, and doesn't seem to offer bezel compensation.  I expect you'd be able to do this manually (editing coordinates in config files), but you may run into a limit in the maximum allowable virtual desktop size.  I.e., when you add margins between the displays, the total virtual desktop size may exceed some hardcoded limit.  Mine won't go beyond 3840x3840 in total ( http://askubuntu.com/questions/193057/x-fails-to-start-with-five-displays-multi-desktop-fglrx ).


          I have no idea about Gnome and GLUT.  Have you tried / are you able to just not use gnome?


          Also you may find better support (from the driver, or at least from AMD reps) if you go with Firepro instead of Radeon.

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