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barrier or write_mem_fence

Question asked by spectral on Oct 9, 2012
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I have some doubts about the use of 'write_mem_fence' and 'barrier'.


Here is my code :


__local WorkItemData workItemData;
const size_t lid     = get_local_id(0);
     if (lid < 1)
                         = sky;
          workItemData.lightsCount               = lightsCount;
          workItemData.emitters                    = emitters;

     //---- Sync : wait that 'workItemData' is fully initialized


The goal is to insure that the variable 'workItemData is well initialized'. Can I use a write_mem_fence ? Will it be faster and more efficient ?


Is there some other way to improve performance in this case, by example if I put more operation between the initialization and use, sometimes I don't need to synchronize (But it is dangerous) ! Maybe there are some other ways.