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    More/Customize Hotkeys?




      I recently purchased a FirePro V4900 and was wondering if there is a way to implement more hot keys for window functions.

      Call me lazy (or efficient) but I used to have a different brand card which came with a lot of pre-exisiting hotkeys which made my workflow more efficient. It seems that the Catalyst Pro Control Center is lacking in such a big list and is VERY limited and in fact non of the hotkeys there are useful for me.

      The hotkeys I miss the most are:

      - Always on top - making a window always on top no matter what

      - Maximize window

      - Minimize window

      - Maximize to full desktop (on all monitors)

      - Restore window

      - Move window to next monitor; not necessary since I found a way to achieve this using Windows hotkeys by Shift + Win Key and the arrow keys (left/right).


      I just don't like having another program that will do just those "simple" tasks.


      I did contact support and they say that I can ask here if it can be implemented or better yet if it's already "there" and I can't see it?


      Thank you in advance for any response!