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Crash driver, directx11, multiple append buffers

Question asked by asmzx on Oct 9, 2012

Good day. We have a problem when using Append Buffer in Directx11. We have 4 Append Buffers, which are being filled out in MultiAppendCompute.fx. This shader is called out 8 times. Reset append buffer is went off for all 4 buffers by the first call. The data is still being added during next seven calls.

The coordinate values are added to the buffers in which we will draw geometry afterwards (18 triangles in our case). Before drawing of each Append Buffer, we copy some quantity of elements (CopyStructureCount) in this buffer to the other element of indirect buffer, which is corresponding to the quantity of instances and then we call out DrawIndexedInstancedIndirect. In result it leads to the crash of the driver on amd hd 5xxx,6xxx in the drivers from 11.12 to 12.8. On nvidia 570 and amd hd 7970 (cat12.8) it runs correctly. Start %INSRALDIR%/Data/bug.bat. use WASD + mouse(left click) for camera move.