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    Crash in glActiveTexture




      This is my first post here, hope this is on-topic! I'm experiencing a strange crash in one of our products. This is a plug-in, using OpenGL in a window. One beta tester gets occasional crashes when opening multiple instances of the plug-in (so a different OpenGL context for each window) on his system with three monitors, using two HD5750 cards (Windows 7 64-bit). The crash dump shows that the crash occurs in atio6axx.dll, when our plug-in first calls the glActiveTexture function. I'm loading this function via wglGetProcAddress separately for each context.


      I have no idea what could cause this, and of course I don't get the crash myself, using a single graphics card. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Could it be a bug in the driver that I could work around, or am I perhaps doing something wrong?



      Frederik Slijkerman