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Issue with ACML dcopy on AMD Opteron 6276

Question asked by steabert on Sep 28, 2012
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I've been having this odd problem with the dcopy function in the ACML blas library. When copying a lot of elements (~10**9), dcopy seems to fail at a certain point. I tested this with the included small fortran program. The odd thing is that with my system blas everything works fine. When I tried MKL, it also failed at the exact same point. When I run the code on an intel processor, it also runs fine.


I used ACML 5.2.0 on AMD Opteron 6276, Linux 3.2.0-23 x86_64, and compiled as follows: gfortran test_dcopy.f /opt/acml5.2.0/gfortran64/lib/libacml.a


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