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Intrusive behaviour of APP Profiler.

Question asked by alariq on Sep 28, 2012
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Hello, All


I have encountered a strange behaviour of APP PRofiler from a developer point of view. I am not sure that this is a bug, maybe it is intended, but it is not really good in some cases.


Here is what happens: I have a kernel which uses global memory (read/write). It reads from buffer does some work and writes the data back to the same buffer. Then another kernel uses its results.

Everything goes fine untill i try to run my program from APP Profiler. Becaue it(APP Profiler) runs internally my kernel several times (i checked it by putting simple print message) - data in global buffer become invalid. Which in turn makes my program to misbehave.

I've rewritten my kernel to instead use 2 buffers (just to workaround this issue) and then it works. But this is not one usually wants to do.

So, the question is: Is there any way to fix it without modifying my program.