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HD 7970 Compiler Segfault - Windows & Linux

Question asked by alexs.mac on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by smistad

Dear All,


I have a program (attached) which, when compiled either in Windows 7 using the AMD Kernel Analyzer, or in Ubuntu 12.04 (just calling targeting an HD 7970 causes the AMD OpenCL compiler to segfault (every time) using the latest versions of Catalyst (12.8) & AMD APP (2.7) - see at the bottom for exact details.


The same program compiles and the kernels run with no issues, on an Nvidia GTX-680 / Geforce GT 330M (CUDA 4.2), the Intel OpenCL SDK 2012 (targeting a quad-core Intel Xeon [Nehalem]) or even using the AMD APP v2.7 but targeting the same Intel Xeon machine.


The program also compiles when using the Kernel Analyzer to target a different GPU architecture (e.g. Cypress) although other architectures (Capeverde, Cayman, Pitcairn [& Tahiti]) all segfault.  For the architectures that *do* compile, the Analyzer outputs a warning about FrameToPriorJointAppearanceHGMJacobianKernel having register spilling, so worse performance is expected.  This is odd, as a very similar kernel (which actually uses more private memory, and the same amount of local memory) produces no such errors in the Analyzer, and compiles and runs under Tahiti - the Nvidia analyzers also produce no such warnings for the GTX-680 for either kernel, and the GTX-680 has less local memory per core than the HD 7970.


The HD 7970 on which this is being tested can compile and run the AMD sample code (and a bunch of our other kernels) so it seems likely that it's just a compiler bug rather than a hardware issue.


From what I can find, this forum appears to be the (indirect) bug-reporting system for AMD, is this correct?  Or is a separate bugzilla floating around for bug reports? - thanks!





Test Setup (causes AMD OpenCL compiler segfault):

- Saphire HD 7970

1. Windows 7

-- AMD Catalyst 12.8 / AMD APP 2.7

2. Ubuntu 12.04

-- AMD Catalyst 12.8 / AMD APP 2.7



Reference Setups (compiles & runs - no issues):

1. Ubuntu 12.04

-- Nvidia GTX-680 - CUDA 4.2

-- Intel quad-core Xeon Nehalem - Intel OpenCL SDK 2012

-- Intel quad-core Xeon Nehalem - AMD APP v2.7 (targeting x86)

2. OS X 10.7.4

-- Nvidia Geforce GT 330M - OS X OpenCL implementation.