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    VS 2012 add-in tools




      I would like to ask when can we expect gDEBugger and Stream Profiler to be available as a VS 2012 add-in? I really like the new design of VS, but I heavily depend on some add-ins, and as much I like to shift to using the new tools, developing (and the outcoe) would be a lot slower without these tools.


      Currently I am using:


      Qt add-in: to take care of all the hassle of generating .pro project files and all the other Qt hassle.

      Stream Profiler add-in: to find bottlenecks in OpenCL code.

      gDEBugger add-in: to find errors in OpenCL code.

      Intel OpenCL SDK add-in: the only proper (among both free and commercial) to provide OpenCL syntax highlighting in VS.


      So far none of the above have VS 2012 add-ins. Qt add-in is likely to hit the market sometime in November, when Qt5 is released, All the others I hope become available as soon as possible.

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          Question forwarded to the right person...

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            Hi Meteorhead,


            Both gDEBugger and Stream Profiler (succeeded by APP Profiler) have been replaced by AMD's new developer tool suite named CodeXL.

            The CodeXL Beta version is now available for public download at http://developer.amd.com/TOOLS/HC/CODEXL/Pages/default.aspx


            CodeXL 1.0 contains a VS2010 extension. A VS 2012 extension is in the works and will become available soon, although later than version 1.0.


            Doron Ofek

            Advanced Micro Devices

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                Thanks for the update. I am a little disappointed to hear that 1.0 won't have it (Win8 along with the dev tools have been around for a while). However, I see that CodeXL is a nice migration of all the tools so far. Keep up the good work. In the meantime, I'll just wait for the add-ins.



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                  I didn't want to open a new topic for this problem, but CodeXL has some major issues...


                  I installed CodeXL on my machine (Win 8 Release Preview, 64-bit) and it wrecked my computer so bad, I had to do a system restore. The machine became HIGHLY UNRESPOSIVE after the CPU profiling service has been installed, as if it were sending interrupts like crazy. The system and all other applications could get CPU time for about 0.1 seconds every 5-10 secs. I could not even do a Shift+restart on the login page, after a cold reboot, as if services would start even if not logging in, but going straight to the recovery tools.


                  After restoring my system with a Win8 pendrive, the machine works again. I suggest taking a look at this, since this was no fun experience.


                  My system is an ASUS G73Jh notebook, with 12.9 beta Catlyst driver installed (that worked without issues).