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VS 2012 add-in tools

Question asked by Meteorhead on Sep 21, 2012
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I would like to ask when can we expect gDEBugger and Stream Profiler to be available as a VS 2012 add-in? I really like the new design of VS, but I heavily depend on some add-ins, and as much I like to shift to using the new tools, developing (and the outcoe) would be a lot slower without these tools.


Currently I am using:


Qt add-in: to take care of all the hassle of generating .pro project files and all the other Qt hassle.

Stream Profiler add-in: to find bottlenecks in OpenCL code.

gDEBugger add-in: to find errors in OpenCL code.

Intel OpenCL SDK add-in: the only proper (among both free and commercial) to provide OpenCL syntax highlighting in VS.


So far none of the above have VS 2012 add-ins. Qt add-in is likely to hit the market sometime in November, when Qt5 is released, All the others I hope become available as soon as possible.