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    Updated Single Precision FFTW3 to ACML 5.2 Wrappers


      Several bugs were found in the real to complex and complex to real FFTW3 APIs wrapped in ACML 5.2.


      1. In-place transformations did not work correctly.

      2. The scaling factor that FFTW3 applies to the transforms was not applied.

      • FFTW3 R2C,C2R outputs are scaled by sqrt(number of inputs)


      This affected the following FFTW3 plans:


      • fftwf_plan_dft_r2c_1d
      • fftwf_plan_dft_r2c_2d
      • fftwf_plan_dft_r2c_3d
      • fftwf_plan_dft_c2r_1d
      • fftwf_plan_dft_c2r_2d
      • fftwf_plan_dft_c2r_3d


      fftwf_alloc_real and fftwf_alloc_complex are also now wrapped.


      The attached tar file can be extracted to the examples/FFTW_wrappers/FFTW3 folder in your ACML installation and rebuilt.


      Stay tuned for double precision wrappers in the near future.