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Bug: views don't work for events with OS = false (unchecked).

Question asked by mrolle on Sep 5, 2012

CodeAnalyst 3.7.1202.1042, Windows 7, Bulldozer FX-8120.


I found that my IPC Assessment view wasn't showing anything at all.  I tracked it down to my having unchecked Os for the Cycles and Retired Instructions events.  Checking the Os boxes brings the measurements to life.


The ViewConfigs\ipc_assess.xml file defines this view, and I played around with it.  I added 'os = "F"' to the <event ... /> tags, and the measurements show up again.  However, if I then checked the Os box in CodeAnalyst, then the measurements disappeared.


Can anybody else confirm this problem?  I assume that it would happen with any event under any view (except for All Data, which always works).


I've tried os = "", os = "*", and deleting the tag, in the hopes that it would match both true and false, but to no avail.  "T" seems to be the default value.


By the way, the os and user tags for <event .. /> are missing from viewconfig.dtd.


AMD people: what I would like to see is events to be unfiltered by Os or Usr settings by default, and update viewconfig.dtd.  I think the way that XML works is that a key has a default value, so this should be defined in the .dtd as something like "" or "*".


In the meantime, I am forced to count Os events in CodeAnalyst, which means that they are subject to random extra counts whenever the program takes an interrupt.