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    Bug: Bulldozer: Stall STQ Full events not being recorded


      Anyone else have this problem?

      Will AMD please fix this.

      CodeAnalyst version 3.7.1202.1042.


      The following program will produce Dispatch Stall for STQ Full events (event 1d8h, mask 0)


                (do this 5 times)

                mul ax

                (do this 30 times)

                movapd mem, xmm0

                jmp loop


      When running this under CodeAnalyst, Windows 7, Bulldozer FX8120, it reports no events for Dispatch Stall for STQ Full.  It does report lots of events for STQ Full (event 023h, mask 02h).


      I have a separate program which runs the above loop and sets up RDPMC to measure event 1d8h, mask 0, and this does show the events occurring.


      If anyone wants to try it for themselves, I can provide a Visual Studio C++ project for your convenience.