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Clarification regarding OpenCL image buffers

Question asked by cadorino on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2012 by notzed


I was reading the OpenCL specification to understand the mechanisms behind image buffers and the dis/advantages compared to standard buffers.

In the specification of clCreateImage I fond the following assertion:


values cannot be specified in flags but are inherited from the corresponding memory access qualifiers associated with buffer


Anyway in the function signature I can't find no arg called buffer. What does the assertion refer to with "buffer"?


I also tried to understand the advantages of images using various host/device access modes, but all the references I found talk about read-only and write-only images, while the OpenCL specification seems not to require an image to be read or write only.

Can you give me some hints regarding state-of-the-art kernel and host access performances (e.g. caching) in the various read-only, write-only and read-write situations?


Thank you very much!