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Question asked by talbane12 on Sep 1, 2012
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Hello, couple of days ago i bought a Asus 22 inch monitor and this looked brand spanking new, how i need help on one thing, first i formatted my pc because i had a new CPU quad core installed in my pc. next i did the OS installing and windows updates and now there is one problem everytime i reset my pc the resolution changes to something small and something hard to see, and when i go to the CC center i see something that says USE EDID or driver defaults now the new monitor's recommendation resolution is 1680x1050 but its like everytime i reset the pc its goes back to the EDID and the wrong resolution i need help on this and another thing when i go to the screen resolution it says Generic None PNP Monitor, why is that? i saw my monitor's name not to long ago it said ASUS VW223B and now its back to that PNP Monitor. i need this help thank you.