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    Problem in running an OpenCL code  further to previous question ........


      Following is my earlier question.


      I have a problem when running  OpenCL code "EigenValue.cpp" downloaded from    http://simulation-opencl.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/samples_atistream/EigenValue/.     ............


      and I received more helpful answers from you  to add the following lines.


      add this in line 94 before "int EigenValue::setupEigenValue()" in the *.cpp file.



                binaryData.binaryName = std::string(dumpBinary.c_str());


                int status = sampleCommon->generateBinaryImage(binaryData);


                return status;




      Now I received the following errors.


      EigenValue.cpp: In member function ‘virtual int EigenValue::genBinaryImage()’:

      EigenValue.cpp:103: error: ‘bifData’ is not a member of ‘streamsdk’

      EigenValue.cpp:103: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘binaryData’

      EigenValue.cpp:105: error: ‘binaryData’ was not declared in this scope

      EigenValue.cpp:109: error: ‘isComplierFlagsSpecified’ was not declared in this scope

      EigenValue.cpp:111: error: ‘flags’ was not declared in this scope

      EigenValue.cpp:119: error: ‘class streamsdk::SDKCommon’ has no member named ‘generateBinaryImage’


      I would be grateful if you could let me a solution.