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New machine + old software... don't mix?

Question asked by ubernoob on Aug 28, 2012



I'm looking for a bit of help solving a peculiar problem I'm having.


I've got a relatively new machine: a Asus G73JH that I bought a couple years ago.


The machine works pretty well besides a slightly loud fan.


I use the machine primarily for entertainment, movies, DVD's, video games, etc.


I've played SWTOR and TSW recently, and besides some latency issues (unescapable due to proximity to servers - I'm in Brisbane, Australia), I haven't had any problems, in fact, the machine was very quick for all intents and purposes.  I am using up-to-date drivers for the GPU - ATI 5870 chip, and I haven't had any problems on that front until recently... I think(?)


I also play an older game, Anarchy Online (AO), and this game apparently doesn't run on the GPU, it apparently(?) runs on the motherboard, so despite being a pretty low resource demand game, apparently it can cause some problems... And these are what I'm trying to sort out.


The system req's on AO are:




Windows 98/ME/2000 SP1+2/XP Pentium II 300 128MB RAM 2X CD-ROM drive DirectX 3D 8Mb video card DirectX compatible sound device 700MB free hard drive space Internet connection, 28.8K Modem




Pentium II 450 256 Mb RAM 3D card with 32MB RAM, DirectX 8X CD-ROM drive 1GB free hard drive space Internet connection, 56K Modem


Here's where it gets a bit fishy:


Since the catalyst driver update, the framerate was good for a while, but then just recently has started to slow down a fair bit:between 8-13 in some cases, but in general play, between about 15-20 FPS. No adjustment in Catalyst has been able to speed it up. There's nothing to indicate that these framerates are a function of latency so, I am lead to believe there may be some competing resource or somethign that is slowing down the graphics processing internally.


When I run AO, the memory usage is a staggering 300,000k+ but I dont usually run anything else in parallel.  i can run 2 clients at once, but only the one that is open has a high mem usage.


Can anyone help me identify where/how I might speed up the processing and/or graphics?