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Catalyst bug

Question asked by yours3lf on Aug 26, 2012
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on Win 7 64 bit, HD 5770, catalyst 12.8, when I'm watching a flash video (youtube), and I'm running a 3D application, the video card's clock speeds won't go to max, therefore the performance is not enough.


In idle the 5770 usually goes by 175/300 MHz (gpu/mem), when I'm watching flash videos it goes up to 400/900, and when it only displays 3D application it goes up to 900/1200. Now if I watch flash videos AND 3D stuff, the driver gets lazy and forgets to set the clock speed to 900/1200, therefore the FPS gets halved. I ran a custom 3D app, so I suppose when it's not games (therefore there's no application profile in action), the driver just ignores that there's a 3D app running.


Please fix this in the next Catalyst release.


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