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Performance of the Radeon HD 7870 for OpenCL Application (Dxo Optic Pro 7)

Question asked by zyuan on Aug 25, 2012
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I am using Dxo Optic Pro 7 to process digital images. During the startup, this software checks the CPU and Graphic card performance, if the graphic card is faster than CPU,  it can turn on the OpenCL option to use GPU for parallel computing. The HD 7870 in my system turned out a surprisingly low number, which is slower than my CPU's performance, so I cannot use the OpenCL option with Dxo Optic Pro 7.  The log showed that my CPU's performance index is at 2071.83 and HD7870's performance index is only at 1601.84. I contacted Dxo support and was told that the performance test in Dxo uses a standard method, regardless the graphic card's brand and model. So, I can not argue with it. However, he showed me a comparable sample in his machine and made me wondering whether my graphic card is a defect.  He showed me his system with an i7 CPU and a GeForce GTX 460 card, and the same Dxo software displayed his CPU performance index is at 1306.16 and GTX 460 performance index is at 2946.77. Here is my problem: -- my supposed latest and greatest AMD graphic card cannot even beat a two years old computer system with an outdated GeForce GTX 460!!!!!!, barely reach half of the GTX460's performance under the same testing condition!!!!!!!!!!. I read many reviews about HD7870 from internet, and all of them pointed out that the performance of the HD7870 should be on par with GeForce GTX570 or GTX580 in general. Can anyone help me to understand whether my HD7870 card is a defect or it really has very poor OpenCL performance by design, therefore I should return it to the seller and exchange for a Nivdia GTX card? or anyone know some settings/software that can boost this graphic card's OpenCL performance? I prefer not to overclock my system, but I do need a lot of processing power to handle my high resolution digital images. That is the main reason I brought this latest AMD graphic card, as well as its low power consumption. It turned out a major disappointment, at least for current moment.


Thanks for any advice in advance

My system configurations are:

Graphics Card

ASUS Radeon HD7870-DC2-2GD5

AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History

Catalyst Version: 12.8, Driver Package Version: 8.982-120727a-144945C-ATI

Operating System

Windows 7, 64 Bits SP1


Dxo Optic Pro 7.53

CPU Details

Intel i7-3770

Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used

Dell U2311, DVI connection to the Graphic Card

Motherboard or System Make & Model


System Memory Type & Amount

Kingston HyperX Low Voltage 1600 MHz 4GB x 4

Power Supply

Antec High Current Pro 750W HCP-750 Gold

Additional Hardware

SSD Boot Drive: Intel 330 Series 180GB