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Question asked by resistance on Aug 18, 2012
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the function ADL_Overdrive5_FanSpeed_Get returns the code error "ADL_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED   -8" (using Catalyst 12.4), as in those posts:,

The doc says "ATI OverDrive™ Version 5 API supports the following operating systems:

    Linux 32 and 64 bit distributions ", and the "AMD_OverDrive_Utility_AMD.COM_Release_Notes.pdf (version 4.2.1)" says it supports the AMD 770 chipset (I have a HD4850) but apparently it is not.


1. Is it planned to add the support of those functions on those systems ?


2. Is there another API for controling the fan speed ?


3. What does AtiConfig use for this (something called PPLIB ? Is there a way of using this "lib" ?)


Thank you ;-).