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AVIVO not working in the 12.8 version

Question asked by tsusaku on Aug 18, 2012

Hello i amd using AVIVO oft to recompress videos as i am uploading them on youtube. I used lastly the version 12.6 and instaled the AVIVO manually through system/amd/support/12.6/12-6_vista_win7_32-64_xcode/src/packages/apps/avivo64 as instaling through instaler never worked for me. The thing is i instaled today the new version 12.8 and then downloaded 12-8_vista_win7_32-64_xcode with avivo, but now it again isnt working for me. I instaled the pack, and there is no converter in the CCC as i have expected, but there is no manual installer in the apps folder now so i cant install it manually. When i tryed to instal manually the older version it still didnt show up. Can you please tell me how to activate it? I am using Win7 64


Thank you