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2 kernels together on C-60 or incorrect results of APP Profiler?

Question asked by Raistmer on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by Raistmer
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I'm trying to achieve better GPU usage via multiple queues usage.

Checking results with APP Profiler 2.5 I saw very interesting picture.


Does it really mean that C-60 APU is able to run 2 kernels simultaneously or it's just error in APP Profiler timing ?

APP Profiler 2.5 used as VS plugin, Catalyst 11.12 (mobile version) used. C-60 based Acer Aspire One netbook.


BTW, build that uses 2 queues instead 1 is slower . Maybe because some non-OpenCL runtime based differencies, still need to explore this more.


And please, update your SSL certificate. It's quite annoying to add exception in Mozilla each time I want to login on this forums from different PCs...