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Feedback for amd sb8xx/7xx windows driver in RAID mode

Question asked by grizlyk on Aug 12, 2012
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Concrete example for



Windows 7 x86 driver

AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

date: 29.12.2011

version: 3.3.1540.29


is working together with



date: 21.06.2006

version: 6.1.7600.16385


installed for

SCSI\DiskAMD_____x+0_Stripe/RAID01.10 (x+0 RAID array)


GenDisk (single disk)


is working together with

BIOS AMD extention

version: 3.2.x


1. Does not support HIPM power management.

2. Can not transfer data faster than 1-1.5Gbit/s per SATA physical port for tested SSD single disk (in comparison with ACHI mode, where the same port can transfer up to 2-3Gbit/s with the same disk)


In fact, SATA physical ports works in "legacy IDE mode with hotplug support". I do not know about data transfer rate, but why HIPM is not supported and unused HDD device can not power down?


The same with AMD sb710 and appropriated software.


Who are maintaining the "AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller drivers"? How to post feedback to them?