Jive + IE10 = fail

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Aug 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by bobwhitecotton

Are there efforts in pushing Jive to support IE10 that ships with Win8 to be a supported browser? I get end of IE6 support greeting when I try to access the forums. I had to download Firefox for this single post. It's hard to imagine that IE10 could not render Jive content properly...


Given that this is a developer forum, and developers often download stuff like new OS's dev preview, it's very strange that Win8 already at RTM still has it's default browser unsopperted at a site like this.


I know my problem arises because I use my Win8 as a regular desktop, not just as a platform of development, but still I'd say this is a rather pressing issue.