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    Display resolution trouble when installing FirwPro2460




      I'm currently installing an ATI FirePro W2460 under Red Hat.  Installation works fine, but I only manage to get a display resolution of 640 x 480.  Using this setting, it is impossible to use the ATI tool because I'm only seeing a part of the window.

      I have also tried to set display resolution using aticonfig --resolution=0, 1920x1200 (and some other options), but the resolution will not exceed 640 x 480.  Any suggestions?



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          Hi Claus,

          could you send us the Xorg.0.log file that we can have a look and try to understand what's happening. Please start X, once started you can get the file /var/messages/Xorg.0.log it contains information on the Xstartup driver load and configuration.


          Are you using any Dp to DVI adapters to connect your monitor? If so which ones do you use?