AMD Audio/Video Workstations?

Discussion created by amdaudiovideo on Jul 30, 2012

I have an intense desire to start introducing AMD as a legitimate Audio/Video Workstation Platform and give Apple some serious competition in that arena.

I am an end user of sophisticated "Pro Digital Audio programs" called DAW's(Digital Audio Workstation) from such third party companies as Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg's: Cubase and Nuendo for composing music to video for the purpose of distribution. My first DAW was the then Digidesign Pro Tools lll ( now acquired by Avid) back in 1995. At that time Mac's were pretty much the way to go for DAW's as far as reliability on desktop workstations. There was PC based solutions that were outstanding but at that time were incredibly expensive, more than the $10,000 I paid for the then Mac based Pro Tools Daw. Some of you already know that Mac's were then also the way to go for Graphic design workstations because Apple very wisely positioned themselves that way from the beginning.Then in 1998 came--- finally---- an awesome Windows OS  called Windows 98 that had a GUI kinda like a MAC and thus began Microsofts dominance completely in the business world of personal computing. I jumped off the Mac bandwagon and into the PC world of DAW's mainly because of the incredible "bang for the buck" available  to musicians and videographers through Windows 98. Here is the crux of my desire to put forth a need and an opportunity for AMD in the "Audio/Video" world that is once again sown up almost entirely by Apple Computers( Who Run Intel processors now by-the-way). I have built successfully five high-end AMD based audio/video workstations that have been great with running Windows based DAW's and the lauded Adobe Premier Production Premium( used in the making of AVATAR). Two of which are still working after

8 years.... I have recently built an:

AMD A8-3870 processor system running Avid Pro Tools 10 on Windows 7 Pro, 64bit OS with two SSD's and a third 2TB Sata lll for data, 16 GB DDR3 Memory, Corsair Power Supply and Stellar Corsair Computer case with an RME HDSPe AIO as the PCIe Audio Interface all for under $2000. Folks--- a MAC with the same components is over $4800.00 more......please! Here is the a recent AVID Pro Tools 10 workshop at Guitar Center I was the only person using Pro Tools on a PC? Everyone vehemently proclaimed......" if you want to be in the real world you need to be on a MAC." I said baloney and proceeded to explain if that were true then all these companies need to just roll over and die: Steinberg( makers of Cubase and Nuendo) Roland Cakewalk, Merging Technologies Pyramix, Magix Sequoia and Samplitude, Sonic Solutions, Sadie ( 2012 Tech Award) Sony Creative Software Acid Pro 7, PreSonus Studio One, and literally half a dozen more fabulous PC based DAW's. There is absolutely no reason with just a wee bit of tender loving care on AMD's part, and a meager investment of a handful of engineers and marketing people to gradually take some market share from a very fat cat in Apple Computers. AMD processors are reliable and plenty powerful especially with their new APU A10 desktop and laptop processors due to be released in the next few months. If you think their is no market value in the area of home based Pro Audio and Video.....think again.....the fields are ripe for harvest!